Today is the Day! Day Four Recap

Not only is it the third and final day of the Natalie Wood Blogathon, it’s also finally Natalie’s 80th birthday! Below you’ll find all of the entries posted today, July 20th. If you’ve finished your own entry, please comment on this post or on the blogathon’s announcement with a link to your entry. Let’s make this a great day for Natalie and a great completion to the blogathon!

Movierob kicks off our final day of blogging with two wonderful reviews: a review of her biopic, The Mystery of Natalie Wood (2004), and one of Natalie’s most iconic films, This Property is Condemned (1966).

This is going to be one of my best birthdays yet!

Crítica Retrô visits the unique pairing of Natalie Wood and Gene Kelly in Marjorie Morningstar (1958).

It’s okay, Gene. We both deserved competitive Oscars.

Cinema Cities honors Natalie on her birthday by giving us a look at Natalie’s Oscar-nominated performances.

Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll both get blogathons next year!

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society helps round out our blogathon with a great write-up for Natalie’s film Our Very Own (1950).

It looks like we’re all learning something about Natalie today!

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    1. Hi, Tiffany! So sorry I didn’t get the chance to add your entry sooner. I’ve had a pretty hectic day, but it’s listed on the recap now! Thanks so much for writing an entry!

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