#CleanMovieMonth — The Best Code Films That I Discovered in July

While I am still utterly heartbroken over yesterday's news of the passing of the incomparable Mary Carlisle, I'm delighted to lighten up my spirits again by writing about my participation in July's #CleanMovieMonth, hosted by Pure Entertainment Preservation Society. The goal for the month was to only watch code-era films or films made between 1934 and… Continue reading #CleanMovieMonth — The Best Code Films That I Discovered in July

Month in Movies

Month in Movies: June

Hello again, everyone! I may be a little late into the new month in bringing this write-up to the table, but I'm really excited to follow in the footsteps on some other great classic film blogs and begin my own list of the five best and worst films that I've watched each month. Since I'm… Continue reading Month in Movies: June