Announcing The Fifth Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon!


Long time no see, classic film fans! I know it’s been a little while since I’ve written anything for you guys, but I’m back with an awesome announcement! Virginie of The Wonderful World of Cinema, who has previously hosted four amazing blogathons in honor of Grace Kelly, recently got in touch with me and asked me if I would be interested in hosting the fifth edition of this incredible event with her along with another one of the top classic film bloggers, Emily of The Flapper Dame! Considering the fact that Grace has been longest-lasting favorite actresses, I knew that my participation in this blogathon will be just the thing to bring me back to basics and get me out of the slump that I’ve been in. Grace means so much to me; she was the first Old Hollywood star whose filmography I ever completed, and I adore everything about her from her sense of style to her serenity and beauty. Now that I’ve moved to the Philadelphia area, I feel even closer to the Princess of Monaco, and I’m so honored to be a part of one of my most beloved classic film events of the year. I hope that this year, you’ll join in on the fun as well!

As is the case almost every year, this blogathon will begin on November 10th and last through November 12th, 2019, which is Grace Kelly’s birthday. If you are new to the blogathon or to blogathons in general, there are a few rules that you’ll need to follow:

  1. Start by choosing a topic related to Grace Kelly. Since she only made 11 films, we will allow duplicates, but try to think outside of the box and not write about the same subject as everyone else. Grace Kelly was not only an actress, but also a princess, fashion icon, and humanitarian, so the possible blogathon subjects vary more than you might think!
  2. You can submit your chosen topic here in the comments or via email at If you have one, please include your Twitter handle.
  3. In order to participate if you do not have a blog, please send Virginie your text via email. She will publish it on her blog and credit you.
  4. All posts must be new material and no plagiarism is allowed.
  5. To give everyone a chance to contribute, we will allow a maximum of two entries per blog.
  6. Once your subject has been confirmed, decorate your blog with one of the banners below, created by the lovely Virginie, to help us promote the blogathon!




11 thoughts on “Announcing The Fifth Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon!

  1. If you can find a Grace Kelly movie with a cast member who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, you can double your fun by also contributing it to the “Send In The Marines” blog-a-thon being hosted by RealWeegie and me which is going on at exactly the same time as this one!


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