The Summer Under the Stars Blogathon Starts TODAY!

It’s the best time of the year on TCM, as the network begins their annual Summer Under the Stars programming! Each day in August, one star is honored with a 24-hour marathon dedicated to his or her work, and Kristen of the incredible Journeys in Classic Film and I invite all of you to join in on the fun with us! Throughout the month, we’ll be posting links to your reviews, articles, lists, and essays on anything you can think of associated with Summer Under the Stars. Do you want to write all about Wait Until Dark (1967), airing on Audrey Hepburn day? Are you interested in telling us about your top picks for Errol Flynn’s Summer Under the Stars marathon? Or are you dying to write about the life and career of a lesser-known star like Leila Hyams on her day of programming? No matter what your fascination may be, send us a link to your Summer Under the Stars-related post, and you might just win a prize! One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a Summer Under the Stars prize pack. Every article counts as an entry so the more you write, the more entries you get! There’s still plenty of time to sign up for your favorite stars’ special day, so grab one of our lovely graphics and get writing!

In addition to our wonderful blogathon, I want you to know that the beginning of Summer Under the Stars also marks the beginning of our Ticklish Business Patreon Drive! Our goal is to get twenty patrons by the end of August, and Kristen, Drea, and I are helping build up the excitement about our podcast by choosing a day of stars to livetweet and binge for twenty-four hours! I’ll be attempting to watch all of the Ava Gardner films airing on August 8th, so join me on that day as I watch twelve of her amazing movies, and if you’re not a patron of our wonderful podcast already, please consider becoming one! Not only will you automatically receive bonus content that you can’t find anywhere else, you’ll be in the running for AN ADDITIONAL Summer Under the Stars prize pack, and some exclusive buttons designed around our most popular episodes. To join in on all of this and more, visit our Patreon today!



4 thoughts on “The Summer Under the Stars Blogathon Starts TODAY!

  1. Here’s my p for today’s Under the Stars blogathon, Brian Donlevy and The Great McGinty.


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